1. Residential Lawn Mower Service
Affton Lawn Equipment
9875 Gravois Rd.
Saint Louis, MO

Service Description

We offer a variety of lawn mower services to suit your needs. The below services are available for most standard residential 20-22" push and self-propelled lawn mower models.

Oil Change and Blade Sharpening - $45 - This service is intended to be done halfway through the season for most users. It includes:

  • Sharpen and balance blade
  • Change oil

Basic Maintenance - $90 - Our Basic Maintenance provides the critical yearly maintenance items recommended by most lawn mower manufacturers. This service is only available for machines in good working order. The included services are:

  • Air filter change and intake cleaning
  • Oil change and crankcase flush
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Fuel system flush with 94 octane non-ethanol fuel
  • Blade sharpening and balancing
  • Test run and adjust
  • No technician diagnostic performed in this service

Annual Maintenance - $110 - Our Annual Maintenance covers standard manufacturer recommended mainenances to ensure your machine is in top performing shape. In addition to the services in the above basic maintenance, this service includes a complete diagnostic by one of our certified technicians.

  • Basic Maintenance services plus:
  • Lubrication of drive system
  • Lubrication of cables
  • Engine RPM adjustment
  • Drive system traction and belt life check
  • Complete system diagnostic

Full Service - $150 - Our Full Service is our most popular service. In addition to the maintenance items covered in the Annual Maintenance, we will give your mower a deep cleaning. In addition to looking almost like a new mower, this cleaning extends the life and improves the performance of your mower.

  • Annual Maintenance services plus:
  • Engine cooling fins cleaned
  • Deep "Steam Clean" power washing

Repair Services

If you have a lawn mower that is not starting or has what appears to be a major issue that may not be cost effective to repair, Affton Lawn offers a diagnostic service in order to give you a full breakdown of the costs so you can decide if you would like to put any or all of the service into the unit.

Equipment-specific policies:

Oil Change & Blade Sharpening and our Basic Maintenance are prepaid services. Annual Maintenance and Repair Services require a $45 non-refundable diagnostic deposit.