2. Residential Riding Mower Service
Affton Lawn Equipment
9875 Gravois Rd.
Saint Louis, MO

Service Description

We offer a variety of riding mower services to suit your needs. Our below services are available for most residential lawn tractors, garden tractors, and zero turn mowers.

Oil Change and Blade Sharpening - applies to most residential riding mowers. This service is intended to be done halfway through the season for most users and on new machines after the first 5 hours of use. It includes:

  • Sharpen and Balance Blades
  • Change engine oil

Basic Maintenance Riding Mower - Our Basic Maintenance provides the critical yearly maintenance items recommended by most lawn mower manufacturers. This service is only available for machines in good working order and qualifies for our expedited 3-day service. The included services are:

  • Air filter change and intake cleaning
  • Oil change and crankcase flush
  • Blade sharpening and balancing
  • Engine cooling fins cleaned
  • Spark plug(s) replacement
  • Fuel system flush with non-ethanol fuel
  • Replace Fuel filter
  • Adjusted tracking (If applicable)
  • Charge and load test battery
  • Level deck
  • Basic deck clean
  • Power wash machine

Annual Maintenance Riding Mower - Our Annual Maintenance is our recommended yearly service to ensure your machine is in top performing shape. In addition to the services in the above basic maintenance, this service includes a complete diagnostic by one of our certified technicians.

  • Above Basic Maintenance services PLUS:
  • Deck and drive belt health check
  • Ignition system check
  • Compression check
  • Engine RPM adjustment
  • Complete system diagnostics

Repair Services - If you have a riding lawn mower that is not starting or has what appears to be a major issue that may not be cost effective to repair, Affton Lawn offers a diagnostic service in order to give you a full breakdown of the costs so you can decide if you would like to put any or all of the service into the unit.

Equipment-Specific Policies

Oil Change & Blade Sharpening and our Basic Maintenance are prepaid services. Annual Maintenance and Repair Services require a $85 non-refundable deposit that will be applied to the total repair bill. Annual Maintenance and Repair Services not available for all makes and models due to parts availability.