4. Power Washer Service
Affton Lawn Equipment
9875 Gravois Rd.
Saint Louis, MO

Service Description

Power Washer Annual Maintenance - Recommended every other year for residential use

  • Replace air filter and clean intake
  • Replace spark plug
  • Clean cooling fins
  • Lubricate Throttle linkages
  • Flush fuel system with 94 octane non-ethanol fuel
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Test run and adjust
  • Inspect pump operation
  • Flush pump with "pump saver" for storage over 30 days (optional)

Repair Services

If you have a pressure washer that is not starting or has what appears to be a major issue that may not be cost effective to repair, Affton Lawn offers a diagnostic service in order to give you a full breakdown of the costs so you can decide if you would like to put any or all of the service into the unit.